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    frequently asked questions

    • We use smaller crews and strategic deployment for each move
    • We temperature check all crew members prior to dispatch to move site
    • Our crews wear masks and practice all additional safety hygiene
    • We conduct a thorough disinfection of all trucks and equipment between every move

    Local moves within 30 miles are priced by the hour – based on actual time and materials used on move day.

    Long Distance and Intrastate moves (still in the state of VA but more than 30 miles) are priced by the weight or cubic volume of the shipment.

    International Moves are based on cubic volume and weight of the shipment

    For Local Moves, payment is due prior to completion of the move.

    Long Distance and Intrastate moves, payment is due prior to unloading the truck at destination.

    International moves payment is due prior to the vessel leaving the Port in the Country of Origin.

    • Weed out unwanted, unneeded, and broken items.
    • Have a plan for the layout of the new home, which will save time as the movers place furnishings and boxes.
    • Pack boxes yourself

    Our movers have years of experience with correct packing to avoid breakage, but there are a few general rules you can follow if you plan to pack your own boxes:

    • Anything smaller than a microwave should be in a box.
    • Pack kitchen items the way you would load a dishwasher: dishes on their edge, glasses upside down, etc.
    • Use plenty of paper or bubble wrap – better additional boxes than broken belongings.
    • Do Not use newspaper with print on white chinaware.

    In addition to the loading and unloading of your furniture and belongings, the cost of the move includes the following services:

    • Our professional movers will disassemble beds, tables and whatever is needed to move correctly out of origin and put back together anything they take apart at destination.
    • All furniture gets wrapped in professional furniture quilts
    • Wrapping of furniture in specialized materials occurs on an international move.
    • All Overstuffed furniture is shrink wrapped.
    • Rug Runners and house protection at both origin and destination.
    • Professional career movers that have been vetted and certified by Certified Master Movers, LLC.

    For insurance purposes customers are not allowed to place furniture in the truck. If you feel strongly about helping, talk to your driver about where he/she is comfortable allowing you to help.

    On a local or Intrastate move, it is up to each individual driver. Some drivers allow, some do not. Ask your driver if he would mind.

    On a long distance out of State, live plants are not allowed to be transported in most States and discouraged.  

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