Local Movers in Springfield

Local Movers in Springfield

Whether you move down the street or across town, our expert local moving team at Certified Master Movers will get you there. Our local movers will plan and execute a safe and efficient move, giving you peace of mind to focus on your new adventure. We charge an hourly rate for local moves.

While a local move may seem easy, any-sized or distance move is a great undertaking. Let our local movers handle everything for you. Certified Master Movers offers a range of local moving services.


Planning Your Local Move in Springfield with Certified Master Movers

At Certified Master Movers, we pride ourselves on being “old school movers” and doing the job the right way.  We believe in professionalism, experience, and an exceptional level of service. Our goal is to deliver a claimless local move every time.



Arguably the worst part of any move is the packing stage.  A large benefit of hiring professional local movers is their skill in packing.  Our experienced local movers know not only how to properly pack up your valuable items to avoid risk of breakage, but also how to load, unload, and transport those items so they arrive at your new residence in the same condition that they left your old residence in.  The local movers at Certified Master Movers are also fully insured so even in the rare case that an item is damaged you are protected.
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Local Moving Services in Springfield


Concierge services provide the ultimate stress-free local moving situation. Our optional concierge services will take care of everything from filing a change of address on your behalf to onsite or offsite storage coordination.

Home Layout

Maybe you don’t need our team of local movers to set up your new home, but our experts can assist you in mapping out the placement of your furniture and belongings in your new home. We have seen every home layout and can help you develop a plan that will guarantee your furniture and belongings look as best as they can and that they all fit.

Donate and Dispose

Moving provides a great opportunity to declutter and get rid of unwanted items or things that you no longer have a use for. Certified Master Movers will coordinate making donations and removing junk.

Cleaning Services

Leaving your old residence in spotless condition is often required when moving. Avoid losing out on deposits or risking complaints from new owners by leaving the cleaning to the professionals. Certified Master Movers offers full cleaning services.

New Home Set Up

As mentioned before, unpacking is one of the worst parts of moving and along with that the arranging of all furniture. If you are out of town, too busy, or too exhausted to set up your new home, our team of local movers will work with you to develop a plan for unpacking and putting away your belongings so that your new residence truly feels like home.

Handyman services

Even if your old apartment or house doesn’t need any repairs chances are there are still things that need to be fixed. Our handyman services can take care of any decorating details that require fixing. Plus, if the previous residence of your new home left any issues behind, our team can attend to that as well.