Residential Movers

Residential Movers

Whether you are moving across town or across the country; moving from a single-home or looking for an apartment moving service, our expert residential moving team at Certified Master Movers will get you there. Our residential movers will plan and execute a safe and efficient move, giving you peace of mind to focus on your new adventure. trust those whose job it is to get your belongings safely from one location to another.

Professional movers take the hassle out of moving. There are many benefits for hiring a team of residential movers. Two of the primary benefits are peace of mind and efficiency.

Peace of Mind


Allowing experts to handle the heavy lifting will allow you to focus on the exiting new chapter ahead.  There is often some level of anxiety that comes with moving whether you are starting a new job, getting acclimated to a new location, etc. The actual moving process is one thing that you do not need to stress over.

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Believe it or not, hiring professional residential movers will actually save you money. Professional movers come with all of the necessary tools and equipment. By the time you rent everything you need, hiring a moving company ends up being more cost effective. Professionals know how to safely pack things to avoid any damage to your belongings. Moving yourself increases the chances that things will break which will cost more money. Hiring a moving company will make your move a much quicker process than if you do it yourself.


Our experienced residential movers know not only how to properly pack up your valuables but also how to load, unload, and transport them so that they arrive in the same condition they were packed in.

Certified Movers


Certified Master Movers’ optional concierge services will take care of everything from filing your change of address to coordinating on-site or off-site storage.

Home Layout

We can help you develop a plan to ensure your furniture and belongings fit and look as best as they can.

Donate and Dispose

Let us help you make a fresh start in your new location by donating your unwanted belongings.

Cleaning Services

Avoid losing your deposit or risking complaints from new owners and let Certified Master Movers handle cleaning services.

New Home Set Up

Together, we can develop a plan for unpacking, arranging your furniture, and putting away your belongings so that your new residence feels like home.

Handyman services

Whether it’s a punch list at the old house or the new home, we will take care of the small details that need fixing and attention.

Certified Master Movers - Residential Movers

Our professional residential movers are ready to make your move a smooth and simple process. At Certified Master Movers, we pride ourselves on being “old school movers,” doing the right job the right way at the right time.  We believe in professionalism, experience, and the highest level of service.  Our goal is to deliver a claimless residential move every time.