Long-Distance Movers

Long-Distance Movers

Long distance moves are a massive undertaking and can be extremely stressful and exciting!  Let Certified Master Movers handle the stressful work while you focus on the adventure ahead. By hiring professional long-distance movers, you ensure a hassle-free move. 

Experience is one of the key ingredients for success. Since the average US citizen only moves about 11 times in their lifetime, they will not be an expert in the process. Instead, you should trust those whose job it is to get your belongings safely from one location to another.  At Certified Master Movers we offer a wide range of moving services to help you with any kind of move.

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Long-Distance Packing


One of the most dreaded parts of moving is packing.  A great benefit of hiring professional long-distance movers is their skill in packing. Our experienced long distance movers know not only how to properly pack up your valuables but also how to load, unload, and transport them so that they arrive in the same condition they were packed in. Certified Master Movers are also fully insured. So, even if an item is damaged, you are financially protected.

Long-Distance Moving Services


Concierge services provide the ultimate stress-free long-distance move. Certified Master Movers’ optional concierge services will take care of everything from filing your change of address to coordinating on-site or off-site storage.

Diseño del Hogar

If you don’t need our team of long-distance movers to set up your new home, our experts can still assist you in mapping out the placement of your furniture and belongings in your new home. We can help you develop a plan to ensure your furniture and belongings fit and look as best as they can.

Donación y Disposición

Moving provides a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. In fact, Certified Master Movers will coordinate making donations and removing junk. Less clutter and junk means a lighter weight and a cheaper move. Let us help you make a fresh start in your new location by donating your unwanted belongings.

Servicios de Limpieza

Usually, you must leave your old residence in spotless condition when moving. Why not leave clean-up to the professionals? Avoid losing your deposit or risking complaints from new owners and let Certified Master Movers handle cleaning services.

Acomodación de su nuevo Hogar

In addition to packing, unpacking can be one of the worst parts of moving and along with that the arranging of all furniture. If you are out of town, too busy, or too exhausted from your long distance move to set up your new home, our team of long distance movers will work with you. Together, we can develop a plan for unpacking, arranging your furniture, and putting away your belongings so that your new residence feels like home.

Servicios de Mantenimiento

Even if your old apartment or house doesn’t need any repairs chances are there are still things that need to be fixed. Our handyman services can take care of any decorating details that require fixing. Plus, if the previous residence of your new home left any issues behind, our team can attend to that as well.

Certified Master Movers - Long Distance Movers

Our professional long distance movers are ready to make your move a smooth and simple process. At Certified Master Movers, we pride ourselves on being “old school movers,” doing the right job the right way at the right time. We believe in professionalism, experience, and the highest level of service. Our goal is to deliver a claimless long-distance move every time.